WelcomeI’m Thomas

I design and
build websites

Let me explain.

A good website is a must in our digital era.

Our world is rapidly moving towards digitalisation and more online communication. Make sure that your business doesn’t fall behind. A professional website ensures that:

  • Clients take your business serious
  • You stand out from competition
  • An improved customer experience

My name is Thomas and what started out as a hobby has become my full time occupation. For more than a decade I have been interested in, learning about and working with websites, ecommerce, online marketing and various other IT related niches.

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I offer two services.

Website services.

Do you need a new website or do you want to improve an existing website ? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I help companies with all their websites needs covering three categories:

Building | Maintaining | Hosting

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Freelance services.

As a freelancer I am passionate about getting involved with impactful projects for larger companies and corporations. 

I am always interested to talk about new potential projects as an IT consultant and front-end developer.

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